3 Must-Try Decadent Desserts You Can Make Using Your Grill

The desserts are cherries at the top of each complete menu. From simple dinners to large gatherings, dessert is the part everyone is looking for. The same goes for having a backyard barbecue. You don't have to bake in advance to make some sweets, and make them use the grill!

Try these decadent grilled dessert recipes - your guests will definitely agree!

Smoked pineapple with coconut sauce

what do you need:

1 pineapple, sliced
Half a cup of coconut milk
Two tablespoons of coconut
1 tablespoon coconut
1 tablespoon butter
1 1/2 teaspoon cornstarch
To prepare the sauce, pour coconut milk, coconut rum and coconut cream into a pan and cook over medium heat. Stir until all ingredients are well cooked. Add cornstarch and continue stirring until the mixture is thick. Remove from heat and pour in a bowl. Stir in the butter and mix until smooth. Set aside to cool. Place the pineapple pieces on skewers, then cook on a preheated grill over medium heat until the grill marks appear, about 4 minutes per side. Served With Coconut Sauce.
Grilled nutty quesadillas

what do you need:

4 Pieces 6 Inch Tortilla Flour
12-15 pieces strawberry, half
whipped cream
Sprinkle the spray grill by cooking and then grill the tortilla chips for 3 to 4 minutes per side or until the grill marks appear. Remove from heat. Spread the tortilla with Nutella, then half the strawberries in half. Top with another tortilla flour and slice into 6 pieces. Repeat with the remaining ingredients. Serve the quesadilla with whipped cream.
Grilled Souris Bowl

what do you need:

16 pieces Graham cracking squares
16 pieces marshmallows jumbo
4 milk chocolate bars, divided
2 small cups of marshmallows
1 cup of caramel
Break the Graham biscuits, small marshmallows, small marshmallows and chocolate bars into a large round aluminum pan. Place the cake pan on a preheated grill (indirect heat) and cook, until the marshmallows dissolve, about two minutes. Remove from grill and serve immediately.
The grill is not only used to cook steaks, hot dogs, burgers and any other delicious grilled meal. You can prepare a complete menu using your grill from appetizers to desserts. These decadent grilled sweets are easy to make and will be loved by both adults and children! Try them when you cook next and you will be sure they are expert grills.