8 Easy Dessert Decoration Tips

Whatever the occasion, birthday party, wedding, meeting or baby baptism - candy is often the star of the party. Delicious dessert puts the perfect end to any celebration. Your presentation is just as important as taste.

Here are some simple tips on how to decorate your favorite desserts:

1. Choose a topic

Before you begin to decorate the course, make a theme that complements the overall theme of the party or occasion.

2. Make it colorful

Candy colors will refresh in life. Choose colors that complement each other. Explore different shades and colors as long as they complement each other. It will be the best work to attract guests and keep the mouth.

One of the simplest ways to decorate a cake or course is fruit and nuts. For example, use berries for a semi-sweet chocolate cake, or pineapple, mango and peach slices for a refreshing tropical fruit frivolity. Tear up a lot of colored gems and sprinkle them on candy. Or cut some nuts like cashews and almonds and scatter them over the sweet dish to add a touch of elegance.

3. Make it as creative as painting

There are many ways to configure the panel. Think of the painting as if it were an empty canvas or as if you were creating a photo frame. Adding completely different materials to the painting adds excitement to the visual magic of course. To illustrate, you can make some meaningful drawings that fit the party theme by cutting your candy on top of the cake.

4. Temperature variation

There's nothing like pairing a slice of warm pie or fruit tart with a cold scoop of frozen dessert. Combining temperatures is often easy. But the paint will need some thought. Do not place your route on a hot plate. Frozen candies can fade very quickly. A chilled plate can also be useful once cold desserts are prepared, while hot dishes can be good for many cakes or pancakes.

5. Create a focal point

Using an ingredient in your candy as a focal point can help focus on the paint. Just like any other essential element, it should be one that fits into the overall presentation of the course and blends it well. Remember that the central point will be the focal point of the candy, so you have to invest a great deal of time and energy into planning someone who attracts candy. Some nice ideas embody a large chocolate fountain, a transparent jar packed with fruit and ice sculpture.

6. Decorate sweets

Consider eating as soon as you add the finishing touch to the dish. Consider how the decorations will work on the finished painting. Decorate your sweets with chocolate curls, cocoa powder / berries, dried fruits, mint leaves, fruit slices and nuts for a touch of magic on desserts.

7. Be consistent

When lamination of sweets to the audience, be consistent in your style and in the size of serving. It is often confusing to see a completely different width on each plate, and no one likes to see the plate on the table while serving twice the dimensions.

8. Choose attractive desserts

Finally, no doubt, you should choose attractive courses to put in the candy. Except for the centerpiece, these things are the most decorative element that will create candy looks decadent and glamorous.

Enjoy making delicious dessert for your party!