Are Desserts Really Necessary?

The kids love them and the older feeling they feel they finish the meal. The problem is that they are usually full of calories and contribute to obesity and even diabetes at all ages. There are some wonderful alternatives like a piece of fruit or juice. In my youth, we were also encouraged to eat jam in the form of a good filling if we were still hungry. Fresh bread and delicious spread.

My children were always getting dessert because that's how my family was. But now almost unheard we are all better for it.

Some desserts are worse than others because they contain cream or are heavily stacked with ice cream or custard. Usually those that encourage this layer are pies or cooked fruits, such as apples. Who does not like Pavlova or chocolate, the number of calories in them is high because of sugar and cream.

So what distinguishes our taste is what allows us to eat these foods in the first place. Until the fifteenth to sixteenth century sugar was virtually unknown because it came from the New World with explorers such as Christopher Columbus. Then it was a luxury that only the rich could afford it. The kings, like Henry VIII, were extremely fat and liked his indulgence a lot, and he had ulcers all over his legs, his teeth shocked, and maybe he had diabetes.

The chocolate industry began in the 17th to 18th century when chefs added sugar to the raw material and made it into drinks and later commercial products. Now part of their daily diet for many. Children get chocolate sweets from young children and become addicted to them. Adults are also addicted to eating, as I used to do it.

When my sugar levels were high and I had diabetes, my doctor advised me to stop eating sweets. When asked how to overcome his passion, his advice was that once you stop eating sugar, the passion stops. That's absolutely true. Now I have very little sugar or salt in my diet and I know that the desire is completely over.

None of my children were addicted to it either because they saw the light. With a good healthy diet, one does not need to spoil it with unhealthy substances and cause other problems, such as obesity, diabetes and tooth loss. Desserts should be the first thing to cut from a meal because they are unnecessary.