Yummilicious Belgian Waffle, Pancakes - Staple Part of Breakfast

The product that is the watch's need, a product for every ice cream parlor, a product desirable by all ice cream lovers is nothing but the Belgian Waffle Con.

Yes, I am also a fan of Belgian ice cream waffle con.

I used to beg my mom to make these for me when I was young. Now I make these in the most troublesome way for my daughters and they absolutely love them!

Let's make this clear that these pancakes are not just for breakfast - it's a great fun anytime. Treat your family to the irresistible taste of Belgian pancakes.

Belgian waffle is not your normal product. They are made from sweet and full yeast dough filled with portions of pearl sugar. Did you get it? Well, the simplest.

You can prepare a crispy Belgian waffle con with a rich vanilla flavor in the most hassle way.

The link that I share at the end of the article, you will like the product, and offer it to make delicious pancakes.

The crispy Belgian waffles on the outside and the thin on the inside are the best part of a cozy breakfast (no wonderful treat at any time). Pair it with sweet syrup or fruit!

Let's talk about Belgian chocolate pancakes - yes, it's more delicious than ever

It was a cold day, but nothing had to beat warm chocolate pancakes.

These chocolate pancakes add sweetness to life

One of the main points of these creations is that no sugar is added to the mixture and all the sweetness comes from the chocolate used itself. If you are someone (like me) who likes to taste the rich flavor that comes only from good quality chocolate, you will have a great experience. Each ingredient added to the dish is given a chance to shine.

The following link shows you that the easy-to-step premix concept contains no artificial coloring or flavors and makes crispy and crispy crisps on the outside and thin on the inside. What a fun way to share a meal with your family!

How to make Belgian pancakes

Another major feature is why these unique Belgian waffles are unique because of the waffle iron used. You can ask any grandmother from South India and they will say that cast iron is the best in Tosa Dosa. Similarly, for a real Belgian waffle, a cast iron machine is a must. The cooking time is 6 minutes for each waffle. Even heat transfer ensures a beautiful and chocolate-like exterior.

Let's get to another waffle, Belgian waffle cakes.

Brownie in waffle shape is a new concept, its rich taste of chocolates with walnut or pecan meals along is fun to taste buds. Brownie waffles are going well with ice cream or coffee.


Just add water to the waffle cone premix,
Prepare the mixture
Pour on the waffle baker,
Roll the waffle into a cone
It is ready for an ice cream scoop with a rich vanilla scent everywhere.
You can also make alternatives to Waffle Cone ...
Dip the cone in dark chocolate syrup / white and sprinkle rice / crunchy wheat throughout and enjoy the taste of chocolate on the vanilla cone with a variety of ice creams.
Make different shapes of Waffle, such as Waffle Cup, Waffle Basket, Waffle Roll, Waffle Tacos and more.
Finally my favorite breakfast - pancake and crepe food (sometimes my favorite crepe)

Whether you call it pancakes or crepe, these beauties are the best for you to have breakfast for me.

The same story about the pie too, when I was young, I used to go to my mom to make these pancakes for breakfast but she rarely made them, so I used to eat them outside.

It's not only fun, it's the most beautiful way to start your day

I always try to make it more fun and exciting by adding ingredients to it, such as chocolate chips, chocolate syrup and maple syrup. I fell in love by just looking at its beauty and accuracy.